TVS Platina vs. TVS Gold Keyboard: A Guide to Mechanical Keyboards

TVS Platina and TVS Gold Keyboard


Discover the distinctive features that set the TVS Platina and TVS Gold keyboards apart, offering information to assist you in making a choice based on your preferred typing style.

Product Overview:

TVS Gold:

Reliable typing is ensured by TVS Gold’s strong ABS plastic casing and Cherry MX switches. Its versatility is increased by the addition of Windows Key Lock and N-Key Rollover, making it appropriate for a variety of activities.

TVS Platina: 

TVS Platina combines durability and a modern design by integrating Kailh switches and an aluminium top plate. For individuals who value both design and functionality, the inclusion of RGB lighting that can be customised adds a unique touch.


Examine the differences between the TVS Platina and the TVS Gold keyboard in detail, emphasising their unique characteristics. While TVS Platina adds a contemporary touch with Kailh switches and RGB lighting that can be customised, TVS Gold offers a conventional typing experience with its classic design and Cherry MX switches.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews:

Examine consumer feedback on TVS Gold and Platina. Customers praise TVS Gold for being a trustworthy workhorse due to its sturdy construction and dependability. The TVS Platina is praised for its elegant design and adaptable RGB lighting, making it a great option for anyone looking for a customized and streamlined appearance.

How-to Guides or Tips: 

Get the most out of your typing experience with these useful TVS Platina and TVS Gold keyboards tips. To determine the best configuration, play around with the actuation force and typing angles. Customize TVS Platina’s RGB lighting to create a workspace that expresses your personal style. Regular upkeep, such as wiping down switches and keycaps, guarantees a continually enjoyable typing experience.


Q: Are the TVS Platina and TVS Gold keyboards appropriate for gaming?

Indeed, with features like N-Key Rollover and TVS Platina’s programmable RGB lighting, both keyboards are ideal for gaming.

Q: Are the keycaps on these keyboards customizable?

Yes, you may customise the keycaps on TVS Gold and TVS Platina to make your keyboard look and feel the way you want.

Q: Do these keyboards come with a warranty?

TVS offers standard warranties for both Gold and Platina models, so you can feel secure and at ease.


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